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    Is it true that you produce France’s jersey for 3 euros in Thailand? And you sell it 80 and 140 euros in Europe?

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    Se les extraña los tenis cuando eran famosos ya venden pura basura d tela maya queremos d piel asi como los pippen barkley kidd robinson etc por mencionar unos esos si eran tenis lo d ahora con todo respeto su calidad en material esta por los suelos y mas caros q es lo peor solo venden la marca ya no la calidad

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    A marca preferida das chuteiras que meu filho usa , se for jogador profissional e ser patrocionado por outra marca não sei como será kkkkk.

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    Who is the best player Right now? 🤔
    1. Like for #Ronaldo 👍 🇵🇹
    2. Love for #leMessi ❤ 🇦🇷
    3. Haha for #Neymar 😂 🇧🇷
    4. Wow for #MO_Salah😮🇪🇬️

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    Dear Nike, Nike-Team
    The new Phantom-boots look amazing – congrats!

    Question, is it true that they will be replacing the “Magistas” ( the Magistas are actually the best fitting boots for my son).

    Many tks for your help

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    Et sinon ça ne vous dérange pas de distribuer des maillots à 2 étoiles à une grosse dinde comme Beyoncé ?

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    Je paris que vous avez produit des maillots avec une étoile ⭐️ en plus pour le Brésil mais vous avez pas cru en la France 🇫🇷 bande de mauvais

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    Kindly be advised that your agency in egypt don’t have any experience to solve any customer inquiries
    So i was bought a nike air shoes from egypt Alex city center branch from 3 month and i was surprised that my shoes have a cut from front
    I come back to store and leave it and promise me he will calling me after the agency reply
    After 4 days the replay is misuse from me
    So I’m very upset from this issue
    Amr Saad Diab
    Contact number

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    Where was the ad for FIFA World Cup final since both teams are represented by Nike? Adidas made a fire ad for the final in 2014 y’all should take notes

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